And many more!

1. Five Minute “Research Outline”

The “Research Outline” of the research project is presented by 2nd year postgraduate students to 1st year postgraduate students using one static presentation slide in five minutes.

2. Outreach activities

The student chapter is actively involved in on-campus and off-campus outreach initiatives which are focused on increase awareness of pharmaceutical sciences to students and making informal contributions to the society.

School visit

A group of five members with one office bearer visited Tribune Model School, Sector 29D, Chandigarh from 09:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on 13th May 2019. Student chapter members met faculty of the school, followed by interaction with students of the school.

The student chapter members gave brief details of AAPS NIPER student chapter, its ideology and activities. Then, we presented a session on “An Introduction to Profession of Pharmacy”.

World Pharmacist Day

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), encourages pharmacists to celebrate World Pharmacists Day, which is held annually on 25th September to promote and advocate the role of the pharmacist in improving health of patients. The theme for this day was “Pharmacists: Your Medicines Expert”.

Dr. Raghunandan Venkatram Hurulihalli, Founder & Chief Technical Consultant, RC2
Pharma Solutions, Mysore, Karnataka, India and Dr. Shingatgeri M. Vyas, CEO, Vanta
Biosciences, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India addressed on this occasion and interacted with the students, provided their insights on pharmacists role for proper medication, use of
pharmacist’s expertise to ensure better patient health through research, science and educating current and future generation.

Social activities

  1. Fundraising activity:
    The fundraising activity involves gathering voluntary financial contribution from students as well Cultural celebration of festivals as alumni of NIPER and neighboring institutes by face-to-face or online fundraising. It is charitable and non-profit activity to help and support local poor community.

2. Cultural celebration of festivals: India is a land of unity in diversity and we cherish to celebrate most festivals and cultural events. The student chapter members actively take part in a variety of cultural events celebrated in NIPER such as Holi, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, etc.

Leadership activities

The election of office bearers and nomination is completed prior to the end of each AAPS
student chapter session to facilitate the transition of the chapter to new leadership. The chair appoints a committee and call list of eligible nominees for each position of executive
committee. The doctoral fellows are eligible for office bearers’ positions such as chair, chairelect, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer, while event co-ordinators are selected form postgraduates’ students.

Personal Development events

  • Dr. Deepesh Gautam (Yogi Buddha Deva), Founder of Deva Eternal Yoga- Holistic Health &Research Foundation, Punjab, India, delivered a very interesting talk on “AhamBrahmasmi” on 27th March, 2019.
  • Ms. Mansee Dabral, Co-Founder of Lahe Lahe Well-Being, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, gave very interesting session entitled “Whose Life Are You Leading anyway?” on Friday, 8 Feb, 2019. Ms. Dabral is a motivational speaker, spiritual mentor & facilitator.
Inspirational talk by Ms. Mansee Dabral

Stress buster events

The student chapter organized many stress buster events such as visit to garden, outing, chapter lunch or dinner etc. This type of events brings everyone together to build a stronger bond amongst postgraduate and doctoral students.

  • In 2018, the student chapter organized visit to Pinjore Gardens, Haryana, India
  • The student chapter also organized outing to M.C. Zoological Park, ChhatBir Zoo, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, India in 2019.
  • The student chapter arranged chapter lunch at Vaishnodhaba, Pinjore, India in 2018
  • The chapter dinner was organized at Katani sweets and dhaba, Zirakpur, India in 2019
Student chapter visit to Pinjore Gardens, Haryana, India

Appreciation of volunteers

This activity extends gratitude to the volunteers and gives them moral boost. Therefore, we gave small token of appreciation to the volunteers who contributed exceptionally well for the student chapter progress.

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